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Minimum Standards and Qualifications

* Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) submitted by every adult (18 or older)
* Security Deposit + 1st Month's Rent + Renters Insurance required to move in
* Minimum 3 x Rent In Verifiable Monthly Household Income (RentPrice x 3 = MinimumIncome)
* Minimum 12 months working at your current employer (Steady, established employment, not new jobs)
* Good References From Current and Previous Landlords and Employers
* No Previous Evictions Filed Against You Or Debts Owed To Landlords (5 years)
* Agree to Credit and Background Check by TransUnion SmartMove or TenantCloud
* Agree to pay for 1 full year of Renters Insurance Up Front before moving in
* Security Deposit = 1.5x rent‡ (RentPrice x 1.5 = SecurityDeposit‡)

‡ Rent and Security Deposit displayed are based on good credit (ResidentScore above 600), good financial history (Strong on time payments for the past year), and good background history. If these scores are not met or if your financial and/or background histories are unfavorable, you may possibly still qualify with additional requested documentation, potentially with an increased rent and/or security deposit as long as your income supports it.

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Gary, IN, USA

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